August 18-20 and September 15-17,2017


Wood Badge for the 21st century has been developed for Cub Scout, Boy Scout, Varsity Scout and Venturing leaders, as well as council and district leaders. Its focus is on leadership, not outdoor skills.


To accept this invitation, complete the application form and submit it to the AWAC office with minimum deposit ($75). Register early as course is limited to first 48 paid registrants.


Fee includes food for both weekends, all course materials and housing for the first weekend. Every effort is made to keep the course fee to a minimum. In each course, the fee is based on estimated costs. A $75 minimum deposit reserves a position on the course.

Earn the EARLY CRITTER DISCOUNT by paying remainder of fees by June 1, 2017 (total tuition $230 $150). Last date to pay balance of fees is July 1, 2017 to ensure participation in the course. Total tuition after June 1st is $260.


While Wood Badge is not a survival course, participants will be outdoors with lots of exercise and activity. Participants must complete a BSA Annual Health and Medical Record Parts A,B & C prior to participation in the course.


Participants must wear a complete BSA Class “A” uniform for their Primary Scouting position, which includes Official BSA Class “A” shirt, official BSA shorts or pants, official BSA socks and official BSA belt. An Activity uniform is permitted at different times during the Course at the direction of the Senior Patrol Leader. One activity uniform shirt will be provided to participants as part of the course tuition; additional shirts can be purchased prior to the course. Activity uniform shirts are unique to each Wood Badge Course.

Course Delivery

The first part of the Wood Badge course reflects unit meetings, while the second part uses a unit camping activity as its delivery model. Wood Badge Course is held at Camp Chief Little Turtle, Pleasant Lake, Indiana.

Vision of Success

The secret of success has been considered for thousands of years. As man has evolved, so has his idea of success from a bountiful harvest to personal fulfillment. You can learn about the evolution of success by reading hundreds of books in the library to find your ideal model or you can live it through Wood Badge. From the instant you arrive on Day 1 until the final moment on Day 6, you live in the prototype of modern success.

How can such a lofty goal be attained in six days? Keep in mind that as a Scout Leader, you’ve already begun the journey. By joining Scouting, you’ve reached out beyond the borders of your piece of the world to become a leader in an organization whose goal is to shape the Leaders of tomorrow; you have already established that you wish to impact the world and are searching for a new level of personal fulfillment.

This is not just about Scouting, though, success cannot be compartmentalized. You will receive first hand experience in handling difficult situations and building on the momentum of the good times, maintaining personal character throughout. All of the knowledge has been honed down into these areas: Living the Values, Models for Success, Bringing the Vision to Life, Leading to Make a Difference, and Tools of the Trade.

Common Foundation

The course content and leadership principles introduced apply to Scouters of all leadership positions and will provide a common foundation of leadership skills to be used throughout all program areas. Most participants will also find the course applicable in their everyday lives at home or at work. Comments from previous participants lauded the course as one of the best leadership-style seminars of any type they've attended.

You will be living closely with new people and learning about each other. Throughout your many unique experiences and accomplishments, new and lasting bonds of friendship will be forged.